Maths and Physics Tutoring

I have given over 100 hours of tutoring in Maths and Physics to over 150 students from different countries and educational systems. I am particularly familiar with:

  • A levels: Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics (all examination boards)
  • IB SL and HL: Analysis and Approaches, Applications and Interpretations, Physics
  • GCSE and IGCSE: Mathematics and Physics (all examination boards)
  • School projects: IB IA and EE, A level EPQ

I can support you both if you have low grades and want to improve or if you have high grades and want to excel at your exams.

Some students come to me believing that Maths and Physics are just not their thing. Their self-confidence is low and they feel discouraged by the complexity of the material. Other students come to me with a solid foundation and want improve even further. I believe that there are no bad students, but only students whose needs have been neglected by the educational system that tries to fit everyone into the same mold of thinking. I help you deal with this in several ways:

  • Breaking down complex topics into simpler steps
  • Identifying your knowledge gaps and covering them
  • Improving your self confidence and critical thinking
  • Helping you deal with exam anxiety

My tuition price per hour is £60 / €70 / CHF 75 / $80 and a typical class is 90 min long. I offer discounts for long term arrangements.

I offer your the first, introductory class for free, where we could get to know each other and discuss your tutoring needs.

Hi, I’m Leonardo and I am a passionate Maths and Physics tutor. I am a Natural Sciences graduate from the University of Cambridge and I hold a PhD degree in Physics from ETH Zurich in Switzerland. I am friendly, open and enjoy using my knowledge to help people grow and learn. Read more about me here.