University and research

I have given over 1000 hours of Mathematics and Physics tutoring to over 150 students from different countries and educational systems. I can support you in:

  • Classical and quantum physics, thermodynamics & statistical physics
  • Mathematics: calculus, linear algebra, differential equations
  • Writing up scientific projects, papers and theses
  • Analyzing data and developing research strategy

The key to being a successful student is learning to balance between work and free time. This requires good organizational skills, but low self-confidence and anxiety often get in your way, preventing you from both learning and enjoying your free time. I have been there many times myself and would love to help you out.

I can support you in your academic journey by:

  • Identifying and covering your knowledge gaps
  • Improving your critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Helping you cope with anxiety and pressure
  • Developing your time management and organizational skills

My university tuition price per hour starts at £64 / €75 / CHF 80 and my classes are usually 90 min long. I accept payments in your local currency and offer discounts for long term arrangements.

I offer your the first, introductory class for free, where we could get to know each other and discuss your tutoring needs.

Hi, I’m Leonardo and I am a passionate Maths and Physics tutor. I am a Natural Sciences graduate from the University of Cambridge and I hold a PhD degree in Physics from ETH Zurich in Switzerland. I am friendly, open and enjoy using my knowledge to help people grow and learn. Read more about me here.