University applications

I have given over 1000 hours of Mathematics and Physics tutoring to over 150 students from different countries and educational systems. I can support you in:

  • Preparing for Cambridge and Oxford interviews
  • Developing an exam strategy for admissions exams, such as PAT, MAT, ECAA, TMUA etc.
  • Writing a personal statement

Choosing the right university is stressful and so much of your future might depend on it. Competing with other talented applicants is intimidating and it seems like universities are looking for ideal students with immaculate track records.

However, universities want authentic students who have strong critical thinking skills and can reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. In admissions exams and interviews, the goal is to push you beyond the boundaries of your knowledge and see how you react in unfamiliar situations under time pressure.

I can support you in this process by:

  • Showing you there are many right university choices for you
  • Helping you get to know yourself and write an authentic personal statement
  • Developing your critical thinking and problem solving skills required for interviews
  • Improving your exam strategy for admissions exams and coping with time pressure

My admissions price per hour starts at £64 / €75 / CHF 80 and my classes are usually 90 min long. I accept payments in your local currency and offer discounts for long term arrangements.

I offer your the first, introductory class for free, where we could get to know each other and discuss your tutoring needs.

Hi, I’m Leonardo and I am a passionate Maths and Physics tutor. I am a Natural Sciences graduate from the University of Cambridge and I hold a PhD degree in Physics from ETH Zurich in Switzerland. I am friendly, open and enjoy using my knowledge to help people grow and learn. Read more about me here.